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Take Orders and Accept Payments at The Table

Delivering A Safe Contactless Customer Experience

QR code order & pay enables your customers to place an order and/or pay for their purchase, by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. Customers can order & pay safely and securely using the QR code to order remotely, order from the table on their own without staff, and/or pay for their order on their own without staff, to expedite their experience, and reduce staff responsibilities.

Our QR code payment feature is fully integrated with your POS system for seamless efficiency, so there are no delays or limitations with using QR codes versus other traditional payment types.

Give customers the freedom to choose their preferred, speedy, order & pay payment type!



  1. QR Code
    Merchant displays a custom QR code on their menu, table, tent, or placemat
  2. Scan the Code
    Customer scans the code with their smartphone and the menu opens in their phone’s web browser
  3. Place Order
    Customer selects the menu items they want and completes payment to submit their order
  4. Order Sent to POS
    The order is sent to the POS system and prepared as usual


  1. QR Code
    A unique QR code is printed on each receipt or displayed on the payment device screen
  2. Scan the Code
    The customer scans the code with their smartphone and the bill opens in their phone’s web browser
  3. Add Tip & Check Out
    The customer can pay with Apple Pay or enter their card info, then add a tip and check out
  4. Check is Closed
    The check is automatically closed when the payment is completed since QR Pay is integrated with the POS system
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